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November 7, 2006 by apojoe
I spent the last weekend of october with a youth group in the NGO i work for. It was such a renewing experience. Not that just I whiled lazily away the hours in the resort outside of Manila. I facilitated a process which was aimed to train youth leaders to handle group discussion of issues affecting young people in their respective communities. It was refreshing because it got in touch with my own youthfulness and vitality.

Over the past few years I heard myself say, "That is not for me, I ...
October 9, 2006 by apojoe
The hearing of the rape case filed against Lance Corporal Daniel Smith, Staff Sargeant Chad Carpentier, Lance Corporals Dominic Duplantis and Keith Silkwood has been concluded lastweek. The victim (nicknamed Nicole) and one of her lawyers claim that the end of the hearing of the has been abrupt and unexpected. Her lawyers were still expecting to present additional evidence and more importantly to cross examine the proofs of the defense panel. Judging of the case will be on November 27.
October 8, 2006 by apojoe
This is Jennifer 1 writing this post from Apojoes Account! I clicked on the link at the bottom of his post entitled Thinking of Zambia and I hey presto I was in his account!

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Jennifer1 *hmm thinks of the fun she could have!*
October 8, 2006 by apojoe
It has been more than two years since I left Zambia. And these days always fill me with memories that make want to go back. It is warm there this time of the year. The last rain fell in April and the chill of June and July is replaced by a crispy dusty warm wind. The grass if not burned are brown. But the trees are exploding into foliage. Buds shoot and clothe branches stripped naked during the cold months. Hues in between deep red and green reach out and fly in the wind.

But what I rememb...
September 25, 2006 by apojoe
four US military officers are currently undergoing court litigation here in the Philippines. They are accused of gang-raping a woman nicknamed "Nicole" to protect her identity. The US army officers are under the Visiting Forces Agreement between the US and the Philippine Government after the 9/11 attacks as part of the global effort to stem terrorism. The case is being heard in the Makati Regional trial court.

Watch this space for further developments and more details.
September 8, 2006 by apojoe
Yes that is how the media and different data sound now. better economy. The peso is weeks strangthening against the US dollar. The forecast by international finance organizations are upbeat. Perhaps, it is true. it is very difficult to be certain about anything these days. But even bickering among politicians seem to have abated too. Finally killed? They are tired of bickering? Has the economic policies been right? who knows? Maybe, it will only be for a week. As a citizen commuting to work dail...
September 3, 2006 by apojoe
In july, the memorial looks solitary. From a distance its shady pine and eucalyptus trees stand isolated amidst undulating landsacpe of burnt grass.

This place is the site of the aeroplane accident on 18th September 1961, when Dag Hammarskjoeld was killed. He ,together with seven others was on a mission to bring peace to the Congo.

The police officer smiles and waves me through the gate with an air of familiarity. Usually, gentle breeze, birds flying about oblivious of human presence and...
September 2, 2006 by apojoe
i live in the city. but my relatives live in a province 8 hours away from manila by bus. at the moment, the people in my place are experiencing something they thought belonged to the days of martial law. my mother sent me a text message while i was enjoying a rock music festival last night. they (not specified who) are cheking residence certificates at night and those who do not have are beaten. so there is now a mad rush to secure residence cetificates so much so that the local issuing offices...
August 30, 2006 by apojoe
indeed! i started with a case of a child having to be brought to the hospital because of severe UTI. then i had to visit another one, a victim of physical abuse. i interviewed several children having parental problems after that. then i had to write a report for these, submit the usual requirements to our office and then make a case study. i left my house at seven thirty. i left our office at eight in the evening. this is ordinary for me and most of my co-workers.
but it is a rewarding work. i...
August 29, 2006 by apojoe
just thinking. why is the war on iraq still going on? when it is already declared a success? and yet terrorism has not abated. on the contrary, there seems to be more acts or attempted acts of terror. and terror groups seem to have increased. and yet the u.s. won the war according to donald rumsfeld. he has been there. but where in iraq was he? and there might even be brewing attempts to bring that war to other borders. were those people who died in this war counted during the evaluation of its...
August 28, 2006 by apojoe
a tanker containing oil for petron corporation ran aground in the visayan seas here in the philippines. it happened last week. oil continues to spill and threatens to destroy the livelihood of thousands of people. it also endangers an ecosystem that is rich in biodiversity. my mother attended a funeral of an uncle there two days ago. he says oils has already "stained" whitesand beaches. but local people and the people are working hard to minimise the possible damage.
August 28, 2006 by apojoe
hello to all who will read this message. i am not even sure if it gets to the net because its my first attempt to post a message. i worked in africa for 7 years. i am now back to my country, the philippines. i am working for a non-governmental organisation. my goodness, it feels really awkward, blogging. i hope to get the hang of it as i go on. i love music. i play a traditional bamboo flute and sometimes, if i am inspired, i compose songs too. i love african music. i find africa uniquely beauti...